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I'm Neide Bollinger. I am a native Brazilian with a dual American/Brazilian citizenship.   I have been teaching Brazilian Portuguese for 10 years in the United States. I have a bachelor’s degree in Portuguese and I know I can teach you whether you just need a fast course to help you on your trip to Brazil or would like more extensive knowledge of the language and culture.

Portuguese is the eighth most spoken language in the world and the third most spoken European language after English and Spanish.

While the Portuguese language has its roots firmly in Europe, most of the world's over 210 million Portuguese speaking people live elsewhere. Many are surprised to learn that there are more Portuguese speaking people in South America than those who speak Spanish. But this is understandable when one realizes that Brazil is larger than the continental United States and has the largest population of any country in South America. Portuguese is a beautiful, melodic language, the language of samba, bossa-nova, feijoada, caipirinhas and my native tongue.

For beginners, I offer private classes covering basic vocabulary, greetings, the alphabet and numbers, pronunciation and cultural training. I also offer private tutoring and specialize in teaching Brazilian Portuguese to people who already know some Spanish.

Call me today! This is a wonderful time to start learning, to expand your language skills and learn more about Brazil!  

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