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Choro Concert at Broomfield Auditorium

Choro (also known as Chorinho, meaning cry or lament) is a type of instrumental music from Brazil originated in the 19th century Rio de Janeiro. The sound of choro varies from the sentimental and melancholy to the fast and cheerful. You will find much virtuosity and improvisation in this genre of music with its roots in both European and African music. Colorado-based Dexter Payne Quintet (DPQ) featuring 16-year old Brazilian bandolim prodigy Ian Coury promises to deliver a lively performance of traditional Brazilian choro music and compositions that are not commonly played on choro instruments. Ian's playful interpretations of both the old and the new blended with DPQs alchemy of eclectic sounds are sure to bring the audience along on an animated and breath-taking adventure of contemporary Brazilian music.
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