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Ways to get a quick handle on Brazilian Portuguese


Ways to get a quick handle on Brazilian Portuguese according

to the book “Portuguese …By Karen Keller:"

  1. Go to Brazil;
  2. Find Brazilians (or other Portuguese Speakers) near you;
  3. Read the news in Portuguese: The biggest newspapers in Brazil are O Globo (

in Rio and the politically left-leaningFolha de São Paulo ( and the politically right-leaning O Estado de São Paulo  ( in São Paulo. You can also check out BBC Brazil (;


The biggest magazines in Brazil are

1.Revista Epoca:,

2.Revista VEJA:  http://veja. br/arquivo. shtml and

3.Revista Isto E:

4. Revista EXAME: (revista sobre negocios = business magazine):



        4. Check out Brazilian Web Sites:

( on Pesquisa. Pesquisa means Search. Below the search box, you can selectone of the three options: a web (the web), Páginas em Português (Portuguese Language Web sites), or Páginas do Brasil (Brazilian Web Pages).Click on the last option to limit your search to Web sites with a Brazilian domain name (.br.)The button next toPesquisa Google – Estou com sorte – meansI’m feeling lucky. If you choose that, the search engine automatically takes you to the first Web page your search turns up.


Here are some of Brazil’s most popular sites and stores. Find out about Brazilian Culture, and pick up a few new words, too:



          5. Listen to Brazilian Music through CDs or through Brazilian radios on Internet: or (click on Rádio UOL - on the left side of the homepage).



         Here are some popular artists:


          6. Rent a Brazilian Movie (Blockbuster or Netflix). When you sign in … on Netflix and go to foreign movies – Brazilian, they have a long list of Brazilian movies, documentaries and music videos:

·        The Sound of Rio: Brasileirinho

·        Antonias

·        Two Sons of Francisco

·        God is Brazilian 

·        City of God

·        City of Men. The Complete TV Series

·        Bossa Nova

·        Central Station

·        The Other Side of the Street.


      7. Watch Globo on Cable or Satellite TV.

    Order Rede Globo (Globo Network), Brazil’s best-known TV Station. Watching Brazilian novelas  (soap operas) is an excellent way to learn about Brazilian culture!

DISH Network (www.dishnetwork) offers Rede Globo anywhere in the U.S. for people who have

Satellite dish. Otherwise, you can go to the following web page on Rede Globo´s international distribution partners: Click on the region of the world you’re from, and a list of local companies appears.


     8. Take a Portuguese Class


     9. “Say it again, João!”

      Talk to yourself on the street. If people think you’re crazy, that’s OK. Repetition is the only way to get new words to stick in your brain. Repeat words from your books and sound them out loud whenever you feel like it.

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